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The importance of having Amazing Headshots

Are you an actor, a performer, or an aspiring talent who wants to advance forward with your career? 

If your answer is a resounding yes, then you definitely need some neat and awesome looking headshots.

Why headshots?

You need professional and high quality, eye catching headshots to help you move forward with your career. You need images that show your personality, images that connect to the audience, and images that speaks a lot about you in just a glance. In a very competitive industry where agents, managers, and casting directors browse through thousands of faces each day, you need a headshot that stands out from the rest. Your headshot should draw attention from the rest of the images in the pack and I am here to help you achieve that.

The Basics: What to do, what to bring and what to wear

Your headshots need not be the glamorized version of you. It should appear fresh, raw and should look exactly as how you would present yourself in a day to day scenario. Agents and casting directors mainly look for headshots that still look like you when you enter the casting area. So before the shoot, it would be awesome if you can get enough sleep and rest. Take plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

Should you eat before the shoot?

I would say yes, because I am a breakfast kind of person but actually it depends on you. Try to gauge what makes you feel comfortable the most. Your comfort is one of the top priorities during the shoot.


Yes. But just the basics to cover some shine and minor blemishes and bags under the eyes. If you can do your own make-up, let me know. I also have make-up artists on call for additional $50.00


Arrange/style your hair as you normally do it on a regular day. Remember, this is not a glamour/fashion portrait and you don’t want to see the questioning eyes and the puzzled faces of agents if they see a whole lot of discrepancy from your headshot to the actual you in person.


Wear the most comfortable solid colored clothing you have. We don’t want to draw the eye of your audience to the intricate design/pattern of your clothes. Their eyes should be drawn to your eyes in the picture so don’t wear anything that may cause distraction. Wear Gem colors: Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellow and some Greys, Whites and Blacks. The key here is to wear what makes you feel comfortable.

How to reserve your session

You can email me at hello (at) graphicsmetropolis (dot) com

Or you can click here.

And then deposit the $150.00 reservation fee.


Remember, headshots can be a huge factor during castings but it’s still your talent and personality during auditions that can get you the job. 

Think of headshots as a powerful tool for getting a positive first impression.

I think this quote from one favorite blogger/photographer Lawrence Chan also applies to the situation:

"Looks Attract and personality keeps."   


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